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Hello, Adele?


Hello, Adele?

It’s me, Kim.

I really like your song.

I know it’s been out for a long time, but they still play it on the radio. Each time I hear it, I find myself wanting to share a few things with you–things I’ve learned personally through the years about relationships. I hope you don’t mind.

I am so sorry you are hurting. Relationships are hard, and it seems you made a mistake you really regret now. That’s the worst. Sounds like you really miss him.

Time often makes past relationships seem more wonderful than they really were. I wonder if that is what’s happening to you. Don’t focus so much on the past…

Focus on what’s true right now.

What’s true right now is that he’s just not that into you anymore.

Girl, you need to stop calling him–a thousand times is way too much. Really. If he hasn’t picked up, then he’s most likely not interested in talking to you. Of course there’s always the chance you have the wrong number…but probably not. He’s probably moved on. I think you need to move on too. It’s been years since this has happened, and I’m afraid if there was someone else out there better suited for you, you’d miss him pining away over this guy.

What’s true right now is that you’ve tried.

You’ve done what you can to make things right. The Bible says to do what you can to be at peace with everyone, and it sounds like you’ve tried to make peace with him. You can’t control his response.

You know, you really don’t want to talk a guy into liking you again. Let God put love in a man’s heart for you. Believe me, it’s worth waiting for.

What’s true right now is that you have regrets.

We all have regrets. I hate that you are beating yourself up about it. I think understanding forgiveness could really help. I’d encourage you to learn about God’s forgiveness, experience it, and live it out in this situation.

When we have a relationship with Christ, He has the crazy ability to use even our mistakes for our good. I’ve seen it happen in my own life. It’s pretty amazing.

I know we often feel like we need a particular person to be happy, but the truth is life isn’t found in a relationship with a guy.

You are looking in the wrong place for the intimacy and acceptance you are hoping for. A guy won’t be able to meet all your needs, all the time. We have these inner desires and longings for relationships and intimacy because God made us this way, but those inner things can only be fully satisfied in a relationship with Jesus. Sounds a bit crazy, but it’s true.

Instead of beating yourself up, use this time to grow and develop so you’ll be better prepared the next time a guy comes into the picture. You know, you mentioned you have a bad habit of talking about yourself a lot–maybe that would be a good place to start?

If you’re interested in knowing more, there’s this book you should read…

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